Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing - Permanent Collection

By maintaining an active acquisition program, the AMHP collection continues to grow with frequent additions of hand printed textiles along with relevant objects and photographs. The extensive Anokhi Archives also provides a rich repository of clothing and home furnishings dating from the early 1960s to present. The museum focuses on contemporary fabric ranging from innovative designs created by talented artisans, to traditional outfits still worn in select regions today, albeit in dwindling numbers. A focused selection of historic textiles provides a context for further understanding of block printing.

To illustrate the breadth of the craft, textiles in the permanent collection display a range of natural and chemical processes including dabu mud-resist printing, and gold and silver embellishment. A display of wooden and brass blocks with carving tools highlights an aspect of the craft that is often neglected when discussing the beauty of printed cloth.



  • Introduction
  • Haveli Restoration
  • Regional Textiles
  • Natural and Chemical Dyes
  • Block Printing & Carving Tools
  • Gold & Silver Printing
  • Demonstration Area
BagruBagru Cloth Brass BlockModern Brass Block
AjrakhAjrakh Shawl Detail SanganerSanganeri Kerchief