Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing - About


The creation of the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing was the initiative of Founder & Director, Rachel Bracken Singh and her husband Pritam Singh. Pritam’s father, John Singh, purchased the dilapidated Chanwar Palkiwon ki Haveli mansion in the late 1970s and began a 3 year renovation project in 1989. With the guidance of architects, Nimish Patel & Parul Zaveri, the building was restored to its original grandeur. By demonstrating the feasibility of using indigenous materials, time-honored construction methods and skilled local craftsmen, the preservation project earned a UNESCO award for ‘Cultural Heritage Conservation’ in 2000.

After completion the future use of the haveli was still undetermined. Ultimately, Rachel and Pritam founded a museum dedicated to hand block printing. They employed Museum Consultant, Pramod Kumar (2003-2005) to implement the necessary structural adaptations and to research the Anokhi Archives. Together with Curator, Emma Ronald (2004-2007), Pramod organized the opening exhibition Print Progress ~ Innovation & Revival 1970-2005.

Since then, Suki Skidmore (2007-present) has been working with Rachel to maintain an ongoing research programme, resulting in an ongoing series of publications with related museum exhibitions. She also continues to refine museum practices, focusing on education and community development.


Rachel Bracken-Singh ~ Founder & Director (2002 ~ present)
Jitendra Chaturvedi ~ Museum Supervisor (2005 ~ present)
Pavan Saini ~ Museum Supervisor / Educational Liaison (2005 ~ present)
Suki Skidmore ~ Curator & Visiting Consultant (2007 ~ present)