Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing - Visit

Chanwar Palkiwalon ki Haveli (Anokhi Haveli)
Kheri Gate, AMBER, Jaipur
Tel:- +91 - 141 2530226 / 2531267

Museum Map

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Museum Hours

Closed Mondays and major national & local holidays.

The museum is closed each summer between May 1st and July 15th for exhibition changeover and maintenance of the galleries.

For inquiries: Tel.- +91-0141-2530226 / 2531267 or Contact the Museum

Flashes and photographic lights are not permitted in the museum.

For an additional fee, video & still cameras may be used. Copyright laws restrict the reproduction of museum exhibits.

Special Needs
Due to the nature of the building we are not equipped to enable wheelchairs around all the galleries. We can only offer sincere apologies and free of charge entry to ground floor displays.

Limited parking is opposite the museum entrance, and a parking area is also available through Khedi Gate. See map for exact locations. For visitors coming through the Amber palace & fort complex, please note that they can make a detour to the museum while on their way back to the fort parking are.


The AMHP staff have compiled a list of some of the most common questions asked by visitors.
If any of your queries have not been answered below please Contact the Museum

Do I need to book an appointment to come to the museum?

The museum is open to everyone without appointment. However, it is advisable to check that the museum is not closed for a public holiday. And don’t forget, the museum is closed on Mondays!!! If you are travelling as a large group it may be beneficial to contact the museum prior to your visit so that the staff can be prepared.

Can someone show me around the museum? Is there a charge?
The staff at the museum are happy to show you around if they are available, and at no extra charge. Please tell them if you would like just a quick tour; they can customise it to match your attention span!! If you would like to book a tour then contact the museum on the address given above.

Is the shop at the museum an Anokhi shop? Does it sell the same stock?
The museum shop is not an Anokhi shop and, although at times the museum shop stocks the odd item from Anokhi most of the stock is produced specifically for the museum and not available anywhere else.

Is the café at the museum like the Anokhi café in Jaipur?
The museum café does not have the same menu as the Anokhi café in Jaipur. The museum café is simply a calm and picturesque “fuelling station” in the forecourt where visitors can purchase an assortment of hot & cold beverages and a small selection of hand-made biscuits.

I have had trouble reaching some destinations. Is the museum easy to get to?
The museum staff have made every effort to provide clear signage to the museum but municipality regulations restrict the use of posters and sign boards. Fortunately, there are several helpful shop owners en route willing to direct the way but we recommend you print out the map below along with the photograph of the museum so that you know exactly what to look for. Occasionally, taxi drivers or rickshaw wallahs will want to take you to one of Amber’s several emporia and try to convince you that you have reached the Anokhi Museum. If it doesn’t look like a restored 400 year old haveli(mansion) you haven’t reached your destination!