Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing - Permanent Collection

The collections form an expanding repository of block printed textiles, tools and images. The focus is contemporary cloth with garments and home furnishings selected from the Anokhi Archives, as well as traditional fabric still worn in local communities today, albeit in dwindling numbers. Historic pieces supplement the displays and provide a context for the craft.

Complimented by an ongoing research program in select regions, the collection displays numerous styles and processes including natural dyes, dabu mud-resist and varak gold printing.  There is increasing emphasis on capturing the personal stories embedded in the cloth.



  • Introduction
  • Haveli restoration
  • Regional textiles ~ Ajrakh, Bagru, Balotra, Jaipur, Naliya & Sanganer
  • Regional textile displays
  • Natural and chemical dye & print processes
  • Block printing & carving tools
  • Gold & silver khari processes
  • Demonstration areas
AjrakhAjrakh Shawl SanganerTemple Textile
NaptholNapthol BalotraBalotra Print